Calling all vegetarian foodies! This is our version of a tasty veggie sandwich, great for weekly lunch or dinner meal plans. You can even make and take as an easy on the go sandwich!

Taco Night! A citrus, chipotle flavored marinade, combined with simple toppings makes for classic and delicious carne asada street tacos. It’s sure to become a weeknight dinner front-runner!

Quick swap hint: use seasoned rotisserie chicken or leftover BBQ chicken to make this recipe even more of a snap. Perfect for easy weeknight dinners or to mix up Taco Night!

Breakfast sandwiches just got a whole lot tastier! Our WHOLLY® GUACAMOLE Spicy brings the flavor and heat to our favorite bagel sandwich. It’s also easy to wrap it up in the morning and take as an on the go breakfast sandwich!

We took a classic side dish and turned it into your new favorite easy recipe! Our BLTA Pasta Salad has tortellini, bacon, tomatoes and of course avocado! This pasta salad can also be served for lunch or dinner!

Vegetarian sandwiches can be packed with delicious flavors, and ours is no different. Loaded with avocado, tomato, cucumbers and burrata cheese, our recipe is perfect for a nutritious and easy lunch or dinner!

This easy guacamole is flavorful and delicious, a great way to elevate your weekly guac appetizer. The corn and bacon make it a deliciously chunky guacamole, perfect for a quick snack at home or bringing to a game day party!

Take your breakfast smoothie to the next level with this light and refreshing blend of raspberries, avocado and lime! Easy and flavorful, this is also a great kid-friendly smoothie.

Rich and creamy, this avocado chocolate smoothie is a great afternoon snack or dessert treat! It’s also easy to make and take on the go!

This avocado soup is easy and delicious. The avocado gives it a perfectly creamy texture. A nutritious soup for an easy weeknight dinner!