This is a tasty and easy green pudding! A fun dessert you can serve up as a holiday dessert, after school snack or even a game day treat.

Soft chocolate chip cookies covered in frosting? Yes, please! If you’re wondering about the avocado in the buttercream frosting, don’t—because it adds an unbelievable richness you’ll want again and again.

Who knew Avocado and chocolate was the perfect combination? Use WHOLLY® Avocado for a no fuss way to enjoy this sweet dessert.

It doesn’t get any better than deliciously fudgy avocado brownies. The avocado makes the chocolate rich and creamy. The best part? WHOLLY® Smashed Avocado is ready when you are without the fuss of over or under ripe fruit. Looking for gluten free options? Simply sub out your baking flour with gluten free options.