Your new morning routine in a glass! This green smoothie is delicious and nutritious, filled with lots of fruits and veggies.

Try adding avocado to your Matcha Frappuccino to make it extra creamy and delicious. Our Avocado Matcha Frappuccino recipe is easy and ready in 5 minutes!

Don’t let the green fool you – this creamy milkshake will soon be one of your favorites! We blended ice cream with our always ready WHOLLY® Diced Avocado and a couple other ingredients.

Take your breakfast smoothie to the next level with this light and refreshing blend of raspberries, avocado and lime! Easy and flavorful, this is also a great kid-friendly smoothie.

Rich and creamy, this avocado chocolate smoothie is a great afternoon snack or dessert treat! It’s also easy to make and take on the go!

The margarita you know and love but with a twist — make it even better with some avocados!