Boasting bit size bits of avocado and tomatoes with hints of lime and cilantro, this mini lets you take our Chunky Guacamole —and none of the work— wherever you go.

Organic, vegan, kosher, preservative free and adorably tiny. Organic Minis have it all.

These handy Minis just got too hot to handle. Okay, maybe not too hot. But there’s a kick in these little containers that’s the perfect companion for sandwiches, dipping and more.

Perfection comes in small packages. For Classic Minis we took the hand scooped flavor of our Classic Guacamole and made it a lot more snackable.

It’s smooth and creamy hand scooped Hass avocado with tart and tangy tomatillos all packed into a tiny, delicious container. Great things do come in small packages.

Fire Roasted Hatch chiles makes this guac perfect for adding a little heat to any dish. Serve it to your guests for a burger topper or stir into chicken salad for instant flavor explosion!

All of our Classic flavor, but certified organic and incredibly delicious. Is it hard to make this guac organic, vegan, kosher and preservative free? For us, it comes naturally.

Tangy tomatillo salsa verde. Chunky Hass avocados. It’s a match made in heaven. So whether you’re throwing a party or you’re currently a party of one, dig in.

The same tangy tomatillo salsa verde you know and love, but with a kick of heat! Go beyond the chip and try this delicious dip on burgers, over chicken or paired with wings.

This is the one that makes our mamas proud. This version of our guacamole is made with chunks of real Hass Avocado, tomato, onion and cilantro. That homemade taste without the hassle of tricky avocados.