It’s simple, really.

Don Bowden wanted better guacamole.

He wanted people to rave about it at his Mexican restaurants. And he didn’t want to use a bunch of preservatives in order to keep enough on hand.

So Don found a better way make guacamole. It’s called High Pressure Processing, which uses water pressure instead of heat to keep things wholesome and nutritious. If it sounds complicated, the results are simple: Great tasting guac, from hand-scooped Hass avocados, ready when you are.

That’s how the WHOLLY GUACAMOLE® brand was born.

Now fast forward to your kitchen, where Don’s restaurant innovation gives you delicious, guacamole whenever you want it. So dip a chip. Spread some on a sandwich. Or take a Mini on the go.

Any way you use it, WHOLLY GUACAMOLE® products are real, wholesome and delicious.